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Catty Kitty Designs

Photo Gallery

How to Amuse Kitty How to Amuse Kitty Willow Taking Time to Smell Flowers Wandering around the garden with mommy is always fun and being able to smell the flowers amuses me as long as there aren't any bees!!!! Don't I look pretty!!! 197055978 Mommy Amused / Willow Not So Much!! For some kitties, this could be amusing; however, hats aren't my thing!!! Below are my brothers Ash and Twig and I guess they feel they can pull off wearing Santa hats!!! I'm a less is more kind of gal!!! 197055981 Hi, I'm Santa Twig - Aren't I Handsome!!! Red and white certainly are my colors and the way the hat tilts on my head just shows off my beautiful face and eyes so well. Meow!!! I am sooooo handsome!!! Watch out Mrs. Claus!!! Yup, mom was right - this hat suits me!!! 197055979 Ash is not Amused either Mom!!! Nope, not amused mom - not wearing the hat!!! Of course it probably would be fun to bat it around and maybe hide it under the sofa or chair - or maybe push it off the balcony when we go outside!!! That could be amusing!!! 197055980 Meet Oliver He is a very spoiled boy - look at all of the pretty bags he gets to hide in!!! 139174921 Oliver likes all bags.... Good for you Oliver - you play equally in recycle bags - not just the pretty ones!!! However, if you were trying to get out of the bag, you might have found it easier to go out the other end.... 139176160 Hi! But mom and dad, this is more comfy than my kitten bed!!! 139174922 Peek-a-Boo Oliver 139174923 Tight Squeeze Ok, who broke my box!!!! 139174924 Archie goes Camping! Wow! This is really roughing it.... 121320362 Peek-a-Boo Archie! Archie having fun in his tunnels - what good times! 121320359