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Catty Kitty Designs

Photo Gallery

More Piks of the Team More Piks of the Team Meet our new baby, Harley This is the announcement from the breeder letting us know we would be Harley's furever home. Such a sweet face - fell in love at first sight. 205994019 Harley is 7 week old. Love his fur coloring - so adorable. 205994020 At 10 weeks old. His fur is getting fluffier to prove that he is a long coat chihuahua. Soon he will be coming home. 205994021 Harley is home Seems he is settling in with all his new toys. Can you say spoiled. 205994025 Our handsome boy, Mischief! Mischief enjoys sitting in the kitchen window watching the birds in the garden. Plus, it is a purrfect place to catch some rays and take his cat naps. 92864250 Mischief trying to keep cool! How does he twist in such awkward positions? His other favorite sleeping position is sleeping with his head flush against the floor! Silly kitty!!! 92864256 Mischief toasting in front of the fireplace! When it starts to get cool and the fireplace comes on - you will find Mischief napping in front of it. He will lay there for hours. Can you say spoiled kitty! 92864255 Mischief Sleeps Face Down! I can't imagine it would be comfortable, but I always laugh when I watch Mischief sound asleep flat on his face. It doesn't matter where - he sleeps like that even on a hard surface!!! 135665324 Peak-A-Boo....Mischief Peanut sees you. Little Peanut standing on the couch peaking over the side, keeping track of his brother, Mischief. 92864251 Sleepy Boy, Peanut About 10 p.m., he is getting sleepy and I have to make up his "bed" on the couch. He also need to have one of his toys to protect him. This is one of his favs - hot dog that he is cuddling! Hot Dog is missing a tail, one eye, but he loves him anyway.... 92864253 Nighty, Night Peanut Sweet dreams littly boy. Peanut has his paws crossed over his Hot Dog. So cute. 92864252 Peanut and his other favorite toy! This is Peanut sleeping with freesbie. He loves this toy. Often he picks it up in his mouth and the ring fits around his face, making it look like he has a flower around his face. I am never quick enough to take a picture. It is too cute. 92864254 Cat Trees aren't for Cats anymore!!!! This was Mischief's (our beloved Abysinnian's) cat tree. It has five platforms. Mischief used to sit, of course on the top - where else - as King of the Castle However, at dinnertime, he would sit on the platform just above the one Peanut is sitting on and that is Peanut's place! Peanut just got his new summer do!!!! Isn't he cute!!! Look at that face!!!!!! 194544760 Here's Peanut!!!! Here is another profile view of his new hair cut!!! What a physique!!! 194544761 Our Spoiled Boy, Peanut!! Daddy just gave me a tasty little treat!!! Yum!!!! 194544505 Sleeping with "Duck" Almost 9 years old and Peanut still sleeps with his toys as his pillow. He still has all of his other toys such as Hot Dog, Freesbie, Dog, Cat, etc. but that night it was Duck!!!! Sweet dreams my special boy!!!! zzzzzzzzzz 197539975 Mom, let's so this way..... This is how we go for a walk!!! I walk and Peanut rides! What a little Prince!!!! 197539976 Did you get my good side, Dad Still walking!!!! Dad took such a great picture of our little Prince and we decided to show everyone how cute he is close up!!! 197539977 Peanut in his Throne!!! Doesn't he look regal and comfy during his "walk". All he needs is a crown!!! Just don't want him to get his feet dirty or tire him out. LOL He gets his exercise from running around the house, up and down the stairs and around the house chasing his toys with his mom and dad!!! Such a charmed life! He deserves it for all the love and joy he brings us. 197539978